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    Welcome to this wonderful corner of Ecuador

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    A place where peace and nature prevail.

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    Cabañas del Lago, a lodge with tradition at Lake San Pablo.

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    Enjoy yourself as you deserve

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    Fine cuisine

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    The warmth and tranquility of the countryside

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    Entertainment and family life

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    A place where you will feel at home

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Noticia 1

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We offer contemporary rustic cottages, built with local materials, such as: wood logs, straw, tile and traditional mats from the San Pablo Lake.

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We maintain what is traditional from our delicious Ecuadorian cuisine and incorporate an occasional inspiration from our international selection.

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Recharge your energy at the San Pablo Lake!
Come and enjoy a variety of water sports, available for all ages.

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Mini golf, the lake restaurant, the bird’s nest, conference room, etc.

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Phone number: 00 (593-6) 291 8108 - Phonefax: 00 (593-6) 291 8001
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